Coachella 2019 Recap

I know why some of you are here…you think I had another Coachella disaster. I’m going to be completely honest, for the sake of content creation, I wish I did! However, no. This year was perfect. Maybe that’s just a part of growing up and not being a stupid college kid anymore. Or maybe it’s the simple fact that I did not take a sip of pineapple cider. We won’t know!

This year, like all years, I decided to trek to the desert for Weekend 1. Overly excited, I packed my bags, and left right after work on Thursday night. To my disappointment, I hit traffic at 11pm on the 10 FWY going towards Indio. Sadly, the cold brew high was wearing off. By the time I got to Indio, my friends were exhausted on the couch watching Flip or Flop Vegas. Classic. I go to sleep and wake up bright and early on Friday morning, obviously excited to finally be back on my turf. While we didn’t have any artists to see until the evening, we wanted to spend the afternoon catching up by the pool. In my head, I was already planning my outfits, as if I did not spend all week sorting them out to pack. The time comes to get ready and I am FEELING the Red Bull coursing through my veins. The excitement is too real. It is at this time that I should mention how we THOUGHT we were going to get to the festival. We figured with the Uber lot probably being crazy, and the prices being a rip-off, we would just walk. To justify that, we said, “It’s only a mile.” ONLY A MILE. In the hot ass Coachella sun. In cute ass outfits. We were way too confident. So, I strap up my sandals, throw on my romper, and get ready to walk my happy ass to the festival.

About 10 minutes into the walk we realized, this just wasn’t it. This was not the life hack we had envisioned. Luckily, some guy in a van pulled up next to us and told us we looked like we needed a ride. So, we got in. For someone who watches way too many murder mysteries, I really did not hesitate at all to get in this large white air conditioned van. However, as you can assume from me sitting here writing this, I didn’t die. Once we are in the festival it is madness. The first day always seems to be the most crowded. People are getting a feel for the land, seeing what’s new, and deciding what artists to see. Although this wasn’t my first year, Coachella had changed the layout and added tons of things since I had been last. However, my big ego wasted no time taking charge when my friends suggested I lead the way. Festivals are only truly fun when the blind leads the blind. We decide to ring in our first Coachella sunset with Gorgon City. At this point, they are our first act, and I can already feel my wardrobe malfunctioning. My sandals were chafing my ankles and my romper was about to give me a little nip slip. However, with the power of my anti-chafe balm, my ankles were blister free! As the sun set fully, we decided to walk around and check out the rest of the stages. The thing about the lineup this year was that most of the acts were super spread out. There was really no sprinting from one stage to the next to see your faves. The night was going amazing until it got EXTREMELY COLD. I knew from previous years it gets chilly, to where you need a cardigan if anything. No. Not this year. This year I was shocked at how windy and cold it got. So much so that day two I purchased a sweater.

Let’s fast forward to day two. No more complaining about how cold I was.

We wake up, in a little worse shape than Friday. Exhausted, dusty, and crusty (literally). That’s what caffeine and 20 minute showers are for. My outfit today was the most simple. We really had nobody on the list that we were DYING to see, so it was going to be our day to explore all the new things. So, I just threw on a tube top, shorts, and my favorite white platform sneakers. Safe to say, these sneakers are nowhere near white anymore. Will I still wear them? Absolutely. After exploring all the boujee food, and seeing the cool little HP dome, we ended our easy day with Gryffin. Who, by the way, totally blew me away. I have been listening to him since we’ve been back. Specifically, the song, Remember. My only regret of the night, is not seeing Billie Eilish. However, her set was later in the night, and it turns out she came on late because of technical difficulties. A recurring theme that Coachella still has not been able to master.

Day Three. I am starting to realize this is IT. However, I am trying to not start the day already sad picturing the end. All my faves are today. We have Zedd, Khalid, Dillon Francis, Ariana Grande, and NGHTMRE. Unfortunately, today was probably the worst in terms of Coachella microphone malfunctions and technical issues. However, not knowing that, I slap on my forehead jewels and we hop in our van. We start off by seeing Zedd. Now this is where I am starting to get emotional. The sun is setting, and all my favorite old summer songs are playing. I am sure if you heard me singing in the back of the videos I took, you will hear my voice crack. The lump in my throat stayed the whole set. It was bittersweet. I was sad it was ending, but still so happy to be in my favorite place. Once his set ends, we decide it’s time to stock up on water, the night is just beginning. There is about an hour gap until we go see MY MAN, Dillon Francis. While I have seen him many times in the past, my love for him has grown way stronger since my last music festival. While waiting for Dillon, we decide to stop at our baby Khalid’s set. This is where the speaker malfunctions become a real bummer. His mic kept cutting out, and the speakers in the back seemed to be completely blown out. This has happened every year I’ve been to this festival, and always on the last day. So, we decide to head over to the Sahara tent early. At this point, I am getting so excited, that I can’t stop moving. My friend Emily is taking it upon herself to let everyone in our friend group know, that I am the bitch commenting on every single one of Dillon’s photos on IG. Classic. He goes on, and it’s AMAZING. I think I even said, it felt like a really cool house party that everyone’s always wanted an invite to. During this set, was when I got the most EXTREME video of my singing. Remember the one of me screaming during The Weeknd at Life Is Beautiful? This one is comparable.

After Dillon gets us hyped for the night, we decide to head over to Ariana Grande and see what’s up. To my disappointment, the speaker situation had almost gotten worse. Of course, right around the time that she brought out some of the members of NSYNC. I at least got to hear a muffled version of Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored. So, we decide to go back to the Sahara tent one last time this year, to go see NGHTMRE. While I knew some of his stuff was super hardcore, I was really looking forward to his set. For those of you who don’t know, my friend who passed away, this was one of his favorite artists. One of my favorite songs at the moment is GUD VIBRATIONS, which I absolutely had to end the night with. He closed Coachella with music that you just couldn’t stop dancing to for an hour. Which was the perfect way for us to end our weekend. Exhausted and content.

The thing I love the most about music festivals, and going with the perfect group of people, is the dynamic. With my friends, there is never a time when we have to fight about who wants to see what artist. Which is something I hear happens a lot between friend groups at festivals. However, our music taste is so similar, nobody ever has to make a sacrifice to see another person’s favorite. This means, we all get to enjoy not only the experience, but being with each other. Sometimes people ask me why I attend festivals if I am only super stoked about a couple artists. For me, yes, it mainly is about the music. However, I have also learned that it is about the memories you make with your friends along the way. While Saturday I had nobody I wanted to see, I had the best time watching one of my friends cry seeing her favorite artist ever. Something about that makes the experience 10x better. I know there were no Coachella disasters this year, and I am sorry to disappoint anyone who was hoping I almost got heat stroke again. However, Coachella 2019 exceeded my last minute expectations.

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