The time has finally come. I have been waiting for an excuse to write about Dillon Francis for months now. However, I just couldn’t pick the right event to showcase. We all know I frequent Encore Beach Club, so that wouldn’t be anything new or exciting. Now, this is my time to shine.

A couple days ago (November 12), Dillon Francis posted that he was having an album release party. FOR FREE. Yep, you read that right. FREE. A broke gal, such as myself, could only DREAM of something like this. I sent the photo to a couple of my guy friends, who I knew were dying to see Dillon. While at first we were all on the fence, we decided to go last minute anyways. My main concern was that we were not going to get in. The venue was extremely small, and Dillon is an extremely large artist. Again, playing for free. We get there early, and to my surprise we actually are not that far back in line. The only thing putting a pause on my extreme excitement, was my full bladder and no porta potty in sight. The disrespect. 

After waiting in line for two and a half hours, we rush in. While the boys head to the bar, I am running to every door trying to find a bathroom (LOL). That’s just the reality of concerts, they look so glam on Instagram, when really there is some sort of struggle involved. The venue itself was actually very tiny. I know I previously said that, but the pictures did not do it justice. Besides Coachella, I am a spoiled brat, used to seeing Dillon in intimate settings. However, this looked like an actual party, which gave it a more exclusive feel. My friends, being the giants they are, walk up to the front and naturally have a perfect view. For me, I have to fight just to have one eye see over someone’s shoulder. Totally not complaining or anything. 

About an hour later, Dillon comes out to announce his first guest. His bestfriends, Phantoms, were going to open for him. For some reason, I was under the impression that these artists had a very different sound. When they came on, it was the perfect blend of house music to get everyone warmed up. Like I said though, there is always a STRUGGLE at concerts. This one came pretty quick, which meant we could enjoy the night fully thereafter. There always have to be people who go to the bathroom, and get upset when they are not welcomed back in their original spot. So, instead of politely saying she had been standing there previously, her natural instinct was to violently shove everyone around her. While this is extremely uncomfortable for every person below 5’5 to experience, I was lucky to have three personal bodyguards with me. Of course, in my mind, I am always experiencing secondhand embarrassment for these girls. You are standing in the front row, being disrespectful to people around you, in front of influential music artists and their well-known friends. Not a good look, sweetie. 

Once people were done pushing and shoving, Dillon came on. At this point, I’m hyped. As someone who stands uncomfortably at concerts because of my height, I am winning today. While people argue and shove each other, I am basking in the fact that I am getting pushed closer to the front. Until eventually, I am against the barricade. For me, this is the safest spot I can be in. Oblivious to the mosh pits and arguments happening anywhere else inside the venue. I would like to make note however, this is not all glamorous. This private release party took place in a tiny warehouse. No windows, no ventilation. So, my natural deodorant and I are struggling. However, literally every other person in the building smelled like shit. Making me, unbothered. Dillon’s performance was amazing, what more could I say. If you know me, you know he is my favorite EDM artist at the moment. Who would have thought? I used to turn my nose at the thought of ever going to a little mini warehouse rave. Now, here I am, front row screaming lyrics. His other special guests included: Valentino Khan, Ship Wrek, and Alison Wonderland. I knew my girl was going to come through, she couldn’t miss it. Plus, she has her own warehouse series happening this weekend, so I had hopes. The energy they put into their little mini appearances with Dillon, made the night even more electric. Again, this was a FREE concert. All these prominent DJs were performing as if it were Weekend One of Coachella. 

As the night started to fade out, so did my knee caps. I slowly walked myself to the back, where I chugged as many cups of free water as I could. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough. On the way home I had a typical case of a horrible migraine. Was it worth it? Absolutely. I would redo it every night if I could. The best part about these kinds of things, is the spontaneity. I love being able to just throw my fanny pack on, and get in an uber last minute. It also reminds me of why I am doing the things I currently am. Like writing this blog post, or not having a job to chase my dreams. These little concerts come at the perfect time, to motivate me when I am unable to find it in myself. It sounds so cheesy, but sometimes it can be hard to see the end goal. Or, how to get there. So, thanks Dilly, for once again sparking the flames. 

Also, this would TOTALLY not be a Julianna post, if I didn’t include terrible videos of me singing, awful sound quality from my iphone 6, AND a link to listen to the Magic Is Real full album. 

Until next time, laterssssssss. (But keep scrolling for magic…)



Just by FAR, my worst singing/screaming to date.



That IPhone 6 sound quality though!!



Name a more iconic duo, I’ll wait.

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