HELLO MY FRIENDS. It’s been so long…but actually. I think this may be my longest streak of not blogging here. Usually, I’m apologizing after a month of silence, but not today. I’m not apologizing! I’m going to tell you instead where I’ve been. I haven’t strayed too far from the blogging scene, don’t worry. Also, we’re going to dive into some music related things, like usual. However, today, I want to keep it real with you. 2020 IS REALLY HOEING ME LET ME TELL YOU WHY.

As I sit here with my Chai Latte (iced of course), I can’t help but think about the person I was before this pandemic. Even the person I was at the beginning of it all. I was enjoying my isolation bubble, and blogging about new music. Don’t get me wrong I STILL LOVE NEW MUSIC. The isolation bubble? Not so much anymore. Working from home is starting to take a toll on me. Even if I have a full day at the office not talking to anyone, I vibe off other people. Now all I can vibe off is my robot vacuum. He’s a real hoot. However, I’M STILL BLOGGING. If you haven’t seen me on here, you can check me out on Absolute Merch. I’ll link it down below don’t worry. I’ve been causing a ruckus over there. Just me running the media show, and I love it. Some days. 

So, why am I reflecting to you? I’m sure a lot of you are not the same person you were in May. That’s when I last checked in. For me, I’ve seen a serious decline in my mental health. It’s time to get real about it. If you know me, you know that music festivals and concerts aren’t just a quirky aesthetic I like to participate in. It’s my livelihood. There was a point when I had $30 in my bank account, an almost maxed out credit card, and I was still making my way to a festival. The concept of time and money doesn’t matter to me in that world, and I’m not going to lie, I miss it a lot. I know I’m not special. The people I work with, and the artists we represent, miss it just as much if not more. However, for me, it’s hard to find my way without it. Some of you like to go on nature escapes, read books, travel alone, etc. That’s your break from reality. Festivals and concerts are mine. Now I’ll admit, there are things that have happened in the last couple of years, that I have greatly suppressed. I AM THE PROCRASTINATION QUEEN LET ME TELL YA. So, now that I have copious amounts of time, all that dark shit is coming back. It’s not fun, and trust me, I am trying to work on it. We all know, mental health is a struggle. Right now, more than ever, it’s probably a bigger deal than miss Rona. We just don’t hear about it on CNN. 

It’s hard. Let me just say that. Some weeks are amazing, I feel on top of the world and no amount of hate comments on Twitter can get to me. Other days, it greatly affects my personal work performance. I mean who really wants to spend all day excited writing about new music, just to have a customer shit on your post because they’re impatient? NOT ME. PROBABLY NOT YOU EITHER. So, it’s exhausting. However, I ain’t a bitch. I’m not going to quit just because some old man hates me for the day. Not worth it. With the help of some friends, this week I realized there is a lot to look forward to. While the news is making it seem like this pandemic is forever, it’s not. Will things get back to normal? Probably not, but this is our new normal, so we need to adapt. Festivals and concerts WILL come back. Whether it seems like it or not. That’s a HUGE thing to look forward to. Especially working in the industry I am in, the moment those festival gates open is going to be euphoric. 

In brighter news, this pandemic has really brought out a lot of new music. The artists are hurting in their souls, and it’s creating some beautiful sounds. I will say, I have definitely tapped into some of my old bops, it’s amazing. If you are new here, you won’t know that I make an annual birthday playlist for myself. I’m my own muse, c’mon now. I keep it for the whole year, occasionally adding songs. However, I make it to encapsulate what I want my next year on Earth to sound like. For my 25th, I put together all my old Summer bops into one playlist. I mean, hot girl Summer 2020 is pretty much cancelled. So, why not pretend we are in the past. Enjoying late nights, bike rides, and bar hopping. It should remind you of that Summer feeling we all are chasing. It’s universal and nobody really knows what the feeling really is. However, going after it is the most memorable part. 

So, if you ever think of me on a random day, and wonder why I am not present, check on my work page. I will always be there, schemin. I actually am now so comfortable over there that I am calling men wieners and explaining hot girl Summer to my audience. I’m not sure if they love it or hate it yet, but we’re getting somewhere. 

As always, remember mental health is so important. Please take care of yourself and take as many breaks as you need. The world needs you here and needs all of you! Don’t worry, I’ll be back very soon to talk about the new bops that have come out. Also, just because we can’t leave the house, doesn’t mean hot girl Summer is cancelled. WE’RE GUNA TALK ABOUT THAT TOO LADIES AND WIENERS.

‘Til next timeeeeeeeeeeee

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My 25 Cent Crisis Playlist here:

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