Discover Daily

For all of us music lovers out there, not being able to find new music seems like the end of the world. When Spotify decided to grace us with their “Discover Weekly,” it looked like all of our problems were going to disappear. NOT. Depending on the week, the recommended music section is actual ass. Let’s say you were REALLY feeling like a party animal and didn’t stop listening to “Bad and Boujee” for a week straight….well according to Spotify, that’s apparently the only genre you like to listen to now! So they’re going to give you a playlist filled with songs that suck. Well now what? What are we supposed to do when a little computer algorithm we thought knew us so well decides to go, “new number who dis?”

I know some of us don’t have time to be sitting around all day going through the depths of Spotify, unless you’re me of course. However, if you’re really determined to find music that’ll have your friends secretly shazaaming in the backseat, take my advice. The first way to find tunes is probably the least time consuming (for all you 9 to 5ers out there!). What a lot of people don’t know is if you are already listening to a playlist, taking it off shuffle and repeat will eventually generate a whole new song system. When the last song finishes, Spotify will immediately begin to play songs that are similar to the ones you just listened to! This way is ten million times better than relying on Discover Weekly, I promise.

The next method is way more tedious and probably only meant for those who can’t go a single day without listening to something new. If you’re truly a crazy person, you will go to your favorite artist, or artists that you’re really loving that week. Then, you’re going to start clicking through the section where it says “similar artists to ____,” or something like that. Start listening to each artist’s top 5 songs, and if you dig it, save the songs you like and repeat the process with these new artists as well. Does that make any sense? If it doesn’t, then I guess you just don’t love music and should probably never show your face around me.

There are probably a million other ways for people to find new bops, but ya know, different strokes for different folks. Hopefully, this small piece of advice helps anyone who feels stuck in the usual routine of hoping their Discover Weekly is going to work for them.

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