Life Is Beautiful

I feel as if I need to preset this post with a disclaimer. There were no disasters this year. For those of you who were fans of my Coachella posts, this journey will be nothing like them. The festival was an actual breeze, and I couldn’t have been more reluctant to leave. If we are being completely honest, I did not even feel this upset leaving Indio…let that sink in.

Let me set the scene for you. Las Vegas…oh boy. Sounds like a migraine, right? Upon doing some research, I realized that Life Is Beautiful was going to be the first major festival since the heart-wrenching Route 91 shooting. At the time, I didn’t really think anything of it. However, now that I am home, I realize what an amazing comeback this was for music in Vegas. Not only were they super tight on police and security, but the concept of this festival was, I guess you could say, beautiful.

Before I take you through the amazing experience as a whole, let me tell you about my first impressions. Upon walking in, there are signs EVERYWHERE with the title “Life Is Beautiful.” Now at first, I was thinking, “HELL YES, THIS IS MY FESTIVAL MOMENT.” Then, it started to dawn on me. The billboards were not only reiterating that life is beautiful, but that everyone there was beautiful as well. Now I know this doesn’t seem THAT amazing, but just think about how you would feel seeing those words. Everyone is going through shit, whether they acknowledge it or not. So, not only are the illuminated signs reminding you where you are, but they are also reminding you that life in itself is beautiful. You can’t help to feel good, right? We have all had those days where we wake up and feel disgusting. Maybe some people woke up that morning, got ready for the festival, only to find out that they were having a bad hair day. That can be really discouraging for some. However, walking into the festival, you automatically feel good about yourself. My favorite sign, is probably the cheesiest one in all of downtown. It read, “Life Is Beautiful With You.” HOW FRICKIN CUTE IS THAT. When I looked at it, I wasn’t thinking about me specifically, but the people I was with and the experience I was already having. After a horrible tragedy, Vegas definitely needed the positive affirmations.

All this positivity definitely helped shape the weekend for me. This is the first festival I have ever been to besides Coachella, so my expectations were obviously high. However, I slowly realized that the two are not comparable. As is probably the case with every other music festival as well. The setting, experience, people, and vibe are completely different. So let me take you through my weekend, briefly.

While there were PLENTY of bodies packing downtown, the festival in itself was small. With Coachella, you are battling not only your personal preference of artists to see, but also compromising with your friends. There are just too many options in my opinion. At Life Is Beautiful, the lineup is more spread apart. Giving time for breaks, and seeing everyone you AND your friends want to see. Also, there is more time for $16 vodka redbulls and that’s all that matters right??

I’m sure it is no secret to anyone, the real reason I decided to go to this festival. I made this expensive decision solely on The Weeknd being a headliner. No other day mattered. When Friday night rolled around, my friends were the most amazing people in the world. They kept telling me that it was my night. Possibly sacrificing someone else they wanted to see, for little me. Just hearing that after four years, took everything to a new level. If you are sick of reading this already, please just scroll to the bottom, where I left a short little surprise. It not only was my mood Friday night, but would soon become my mood for the whole weekend.

While I would love to explain in detail how amazing every artist was that we saw, unfortunately that would take ages. The important thing to note, is that yes, I did only fork over hundreds of dollars for The Weeknd. However, instead, I not only got to see my favorite artist, but to experience an incredible weekend in itself. I absolutely LOVED every artist we saw Saturday and Sunday, and also got to rekindle my flame with a couple artists I may have already seen in the past. I made new friends, which is the absolute BEAUTY of the whole thing. I went into this knowing one person, and came out with all new festival buddies.

The moral of this story is essentially, LIFE IS FREAKING BEAUTIFUL. I absolutely see myself in Vegas next year for another go around. I can’t wait to experience the new wave of artists and cheesy quotes that downtown has to offer. Not to mention, I can’t wait for the next festival I get to experience. Before this weekend, I was very one track minded. NOTHING could be better than Coachella, right? So wrong. While the post festival depression is still in half swing (don’t worry I may post about it LOL), I keep looking at my videos with a huge smile on my face. I loved being fully in my element, and if you needed a reminder today….Life is sooo beautiful with you!


(Ever get to see your favorite artist for the first time ever?? LMAO)

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