Fangirl (Volume 1)

If you are new to my life, then you probably would have never known that for a small portion of my existence, I was a Twitter legend. Just kidding, but I did run a gnarly fan account for what was considered to be the BEST boyband of our generation. You may be wondering, why this says Volume 1. Well, to put it simply, one cannot just write about 3-4 years of madness in one sitting. I need to take you from beginning to end, without forgetting about all the shit in the middle. So, let’s dive in to my life as a professional fangirl, shall we?

The year is 2012. I am a Junior in High School experiencing what I considered at the time to be “the worst time of my life.” Competitive swimming was my life, and all because of one bad grade, I was taken off the team. My cherished spot on the CIF team, given to someone who didn’t work nearly as hard as me. At least I had my club swim team right? Wrong. My coach who believed in me, and pushed me to be the best even when I came up with the worst excuses, had resigned. Leaving me with the coach who thought I was insufficient because I didn’t meet his “superior height” image for his perfect team. So, without hesitation, he demoted me training groups and gave some BS reason as to why. However, not only did he do that in front of my training group, he humiliated me in front of the entire aquatic center. Naturally, I chose to quit and give up. In hindsight, the BEST decision I ever made. As a young teenager though, it seemed like the end of the world. I was going to use swimming to get into a good 4 year college, now what was I going to do? It was tough to mentally grasp at 16, and to say I didn’t fall slightly depressed would be a lie. I gained weight, didn’t really do much except on weekends, and overall just did not want to talk about my feelings.

One day, I was on my Twitter exploring my feed, when I see a username that at the time didn’t seem normal. Fan accounts for musicians now are so prevalent, they are normalized in society. However, when I was 16, it was extremely rare to just see that without even being one yourself. I wish I remembered who it was, because we honestly might have become friends for a short period of time. Not to mention, they completely opened my eyes and started this whirlwind for me.

I am sure nobody here is a stranger to the band name, One Direction. They were the EPITOME of High School for me and so many others. I loved them, but did I ever think I was going to become a crazy fan account for them? Absolutely not. There just seemed to be no gain. It looked like a psychotic social media cult on display for the world to see. However, if you know me, you know that crazy shit is really intriguing to me. I just had to try it for myself. I bit the bullet and turned my average twitter account into a fan page for a boyband. Now, I know what most of you are thinking. “This is pointless, why would you run a page for a band who will never know you exist?” If you are sitting here with that mentality, then the rest of this series is going to blow your mind. I’m not being a hater though, I completely felt the same way when I first started.

Now, what was next to do? I have my first username of many and I am ready to let the world know how passionate I am about hot guys who can sing! It took a little bit before I finally told my close group of six about this ordeal. Again, since it wasn’t normal, it probably would’ve raised a lot of red flags. It took even longer for me to tell my parents. They were the ones who showed me so many videos as a kid about stranger danger and not meeting people online! Here I was, doing the exact thing I was told would get me abducted. However, with technology being so booming, it was easy for my friends and family to just consider this part of their normal life as well. It’s not like I was acting any different, I would go to school and then after maybe talk to my internet buds for a little bit. So simple, yet so complex at the same time, you’ll realize why soon.

The rest of this series will kind of take you along the steps of how I gained so many followers, made so many friends, made connections with so many other musicians and talented artists, and even made connections with members of One Direction themselves. For all of my friends who know me through Twitter, writing about this may seem pointless. It was so short-lived and really was just normal life for us. However, I know so many people to this day who still have so many questions about how it all happened and what it was all for. Plus, for those of you who have met me and my friends and asked, “how did you meet?” and become incredibly confused, this will give you a new perspective. These are stories I am sooo excited to tell, and can’t wait to relive them and reflect on my younger self’s actions with you all.

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