G-Eazy and Halsey are BACK??

Originally, I began writing this when the breakup first happened. However, now that it appears they are BACK TOGETHER, we can really get into why I think the breakup was one of the dumbest things I’ve witnessed. So, a little over a month ago I woke up to the news (Twitter) freaking out about the split. Me being me, I was like “I called it, I knew they were bad for each other!!!!!” I go to Instagram and see Halsey has posted a petty picture of her looking hot with her dog. I believe the caption was something along the lines of, “kiss my dog on the forehead and then kiss ur ass goodbye.” I was sitting there like, wow go OFF sis. Then she’s commenting weird emoji’s on his tour photos, just really out here trying to ruin his life.

If you know me, you know I live for drama that isn’t my own. So, naturally, I am excited to go see G-Eazy in concert and hear him perform Him & I. The song is ALL about his relationship with Halsey, where he even name drops her a couple times. Come concert day, I start to convince myself he won’t play it, it would just be too awkward. IT COMES ON. I am ready for petty. It happens, instead of saying Halsey in one of the lines, he points in the crowd and says, “this girl.” A bitch is SHOOK. First of all, LOVING how petty he is being, when I am pretty sure he is the one who cheated. So, we all got it, the confirmation we needed that this shit was over.

BUT THEN. SUDDENLY. A WEEK AGO. Paparazzi pics surface of the two holding hands. They aren’t your typical “couple gets back together after blasting each other on social media so they are hiding their faces” photos though. These two are kissing, looking like they are having the best time, looking like they did not just flame grill each other all over the media. Naturally, I am talking to all my friends and I am like “WOW. SO TOXIC.” As if we all haven’t been guilty of doing the same exact thing. As if we didn’t just watch The Weeknd and Bella Hadid do the same thing a year ago.

So, why do we love this back and forth so much? For me, even though I acknowledge it is a toxic thing to see, I also semi-feel as if I could relate. We all have psycho boys, or have had, that we have blown up on. Only to have them come crawling back sooner or later because you’re just THAT amazing. Maybe we’re also just all jealous in a super secret way. I mean I know I would be ECSTATIC to have Gerald come crawling back to me. Even though we all know the motto, “Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater.”

While this does seem like the ranting of a lunatic, or someone who just really ran out of content and needed something to do, I really did think this was an interesting topic. I know SO many of my friends, whether they are fans of either of them or not, have so many different opinions on this. One of my friends called me TRASH because I still backed G-Eazy after he cheated. Does she not know I am a ride or die bitch?? ANYWAYS. If you are reading this and completely disagree and think that this breakup/makeup is truly the greatest thing ever, PLEASE let me know. I am worried about you.


(P.S. Can’t be mad when Halsey posts all these hot pics of G on her Insta amirite???)

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