Who is Lostboycrow?

When creating this section of Surfing the Soundwaves, my mindset was to eloquently force an artist I have loved for a while down everyone’s throat. While they may not be new on MY radar, I have a feeling they will be on yours.

Let’s talk about Lostboycrow. The appeal for me in the beginning, besides his awesome music, was the mystery of figuring out his real name. Not to mention, he has a super deep song titled “Real Name,” which basically talks about how important names really are in our identity of ourselves and others. REAL INTELLECTUAL SHIT HERE. Now, it may be easy to just google him and find out what his actual name is. However, his identity for me is now deeply rooted in his powerful music.

As with everyone else, I have trouble picking a favorite song, mainly because my moods fluctuate each week (Cancer season is 24/7 with me). However, that doesn’t mean I can’t rant for hours about certain songs and why I love them so much. With Lostboycrow, I feel like you can really hear his emotions and his passion in every song. I am not saying other artists don’t give off the same vibe, but he is unique. For me, they are songs that have an awesome beat, but really make me reevaluate my life. Which, some people may hate, and some people may love. My favorite part of music, is feeling as if I can relate to the person singing. That for me is always a stand out feature. This factor is also another reason I feel like this artist is going to BLOW UP THE CHARTS in the very near future. Whether we all love or hate reevaluating our lives based on how songs make us feel, we can all come together and agree that we want to feel understood. There is nothing better than turning on a song with your friends and screaming, “MEEEEEE” at certain lyrics.

Right now, my favorite song by Lostboycrow is, “Devil’s in the Backseat.” If you have ever driven with me, you have probably heard this at some point. This song is such a relatable, zone out on PCH kind of bop. It’s a little bit scandalous, but in the most storybook kind of way. We have all experienced a little bit of mischief, without it being aggressive like in most Rap songs. For some reason, the line in the song that stands out the most to me is, “Keep me in the lines, 87 on the 405.” While plenty of other lyrics are my favorite, this one really makes me wonder what time of night they are driving at. There is no way you can be going 87 on the 405, is that a lyrical myth?? I need answers.

When writing this, I decided to do a major throwback to the first song I ever heard by him, “Love Won’t Sleep.” Most people who know me would be extremely confused on how I used to listen to this song on repeat all the time. I never opt for slower songs, unless I am desperately trying to go to bed. With this song, it is so sweet and mellow, it doesn’t make me sad. Those are the slow songs I can’t do, the sad ones. Listening to this song now, in comparison with “Devil’s in the Backseat,” it is awesome to not only see the growth of this artist, but also how much he has stayed the same. Most people think you need to conform to what’s “hot” right now in order to make it. Thus, losing themselves and what made them unique and great in the first place.

Lastly, one of my favorite songs is, “Thursday.” This was my OG sunset drive down PCH song. I still listen to it on my drives to coffee shops, or when I just want to go on a drive. It reminds me of Laguna Beach, and seeing the water appear as you go over that one hill.

As much as I would LOVE to over analyze every single song this boy has ever made, I figure you can just listen for yourself. Also, check him out on all his social media. He’s an actual sweetheart and if you tweet him or DM him, he sometimes responds. Those are also the best moments to share with an artist, talking about their music, or other things. Especially knowing that artist will one day in the future have so many dms, they won’t even check anymore. Definitely take advantage of getting to know this beautiful little soul and all his lovely heartfelt songs.


(I wish I could give photo creds, but google did not have a link, so shoutout to whoever you are!)

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