The New ABC’s

As much as I like to think of myself as a creative person, I found this idea when coming across another music dedicated blog like my own. It’s basically the musical ABC’s. The concept is to pick a song that starts with each letter of the alphabet. Seems easy, right? Off the top of my head, I can already tell you that I am not too sure I know any songs that start with the letter ‘X,’ however you know I am going to hunt. I thought this would be a fun activity to do that may even inspire other people to find their favorite songs based on the infamous way we learned our letters. Unfortunately, I went wrong in thinking this would serve as a stress relieving game. I also made it a game to try and pick the first song to pop up with that significant letter, which Spotify made sure to make very challenging! With that being said….welcome to MY new wave ABC’s.

A: Acquainted-The Weeknd

B: Body Like A Back Road-Sam Hunt

C: ‘Cause I’m A Man-Tame Impala

D: Dreams-Fleetwood Mac

E: Eastbound-MANILA GREY

F: Freak Like Me-NoMBe

G: Gotta Get Away-Vista Kicks

H: Hurt People-Two Feet

I: In My Feelings-Drake

J: Just For Tonight-James Bay

K: Killer-Coleman Hell

L: Love Lies-Khalid

M: Might Not-Belly

N: Nevermind-Dennis Lloyd

O: Ocean Drive-Duke Dumont

P: Pray For Me-The Weeknd/Kendrick Lamar

Q: Question-Lauv

R: River of Forgetfulness

S: SHC-Foster The People

T: Touch-Great Good Fine Ok

U: UnFazed-Lil Uzi Vert

V: Vibe-Fly By Midnight

W: Wait-Maroon 5

X: XO TOUR LIif3-Lil Uzi Vert (wow i actually had one!!!)

Y: You Don’t Own Me-Grace/G-Eazy

Z: Zombies-Childish Gambino (had to search for this bad boy)

Of course, me being me, I debated making this into a playlist. Most of the songs I listen to everyday, which is probably why they were my top chosen. Alas, I chose not to put it into a little organized cluster for once. BUT, if you would like me to….your wish is my command. So 100% let me know.

(Idea creds go to:

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