Get Lit With Me

When one goes to a party school, then transitions to working at a bar, it seems almost criminal to not have a party playlist locked and loaded on your phone. However, even if you don’t match this demographic, I would assume you still like to have a good time. I mean, you’re reading this right? Don’t worry, if you’re one of those people who starts to panic at the pregame when someone asks if you want the AUX, I am here to once again save your ass.

Everyone gets lit in different ways. Some people can sit in complete silence and chug a bottle of wine. Others pregame while watching a good Netflix show. Then there’s people like myself, who need music so loud it is about to shatter the windows of the function. So, I am going to tell you how to make a playlist for THAT kind of day or night.

Starting out is nothing new from my previous playlist posts, you’ll need a music streaming app, and any sort of speaker. Like most playlists, you want music that is going to match the vibe. I don’t care if you got dumped that morning, or you’re going through some shit. If you’re planning on going out and getting crazy, you need to play music that is going to put you in that mindset. We all have our demons, but what we’re not going to do, is bring them to the club with us. SO, make a playlist with songs that are fast paced. Something that is going to get your heart rate up, as if you’re working out. Chances are, some of the songs you find on my playlist are songs that I have Shazaamed at the club, or at spin class. No shame. So you may even hear them out, which will take your night to an even better level. Who doesn’t want to be out and hear a song they can sing all the words to?

Since a lot of people I know, loooooove to have sad music on literally ANY playlist (no shade), I am obviously going to attach my playlist. Now, it is important to note for all my OG friends, this playlist was in the past called “Vodka Cranberry.” Given my new 2018 wild side of mixing my favorite things, it is now rightfully titled, “Vodka Redbull.” Just the name itself may make you blackout before you even hit shuffle. This playlist is ALWAYS going through maintenance. I have had it for about 3 years now, so obviously certain songs just don’t get me hyped anymore. With that being said, there are also songs that will just NEVER be removed. For example, Ocean Drive. While there are plenty of remixes to that song that would probably match the rest better, they don’t match the feeling of ecstasy I feel when this song comes on.

Like any other playlist as well, I am open to suggestions. If you know me, have partied with me, or even don’t know me, please send me songs you think I would be excited to chug vodka Redbulls to. I promise, no song is off limits. Unless it is sad, then please don’t even bother.

I present you: Vodka Redbull

3 thoughts on “Get Lit With Me

  1. This is such a good playlist – definitely see some of the same songs I have on my ‘before the uber comes’ playlist which is obviously used for the same intended purpose haha xx


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