Music In The Workplace

Shoutout to work for finally giving me something to write about! So saturday evenings at work are always crazy stressful for everyone involved. By the time I clock in, it’s MADNESS. Everyone at this point is also super blacked out (not my coworkers, the customers). Let me tell you, dealing with belligerent people while stone cold sober is awful. It has also been a long ass time since I have worked a Saturday without complaining about people being rude. However, this past weekend was different.

I walk up the stairs like any other day, but when I get into the office, the vibe is completely different. There are music videos playing on the TV and the music is bumpin…loud. Confused, I text my boss downstairs and say “….what’s going on??” Stuff like this doesn’t happen! Everyone who walked upstairs was immediately in a better mood. This really made me think about how music in the workplace changes things. My old job, the music was awful, and I worked at a pool. The music at the pools should be fun and get everyone hyped for summer. However, we all had to stand there for 8 hours and listen to mellow, awful tunes. Working at Sharkeez though, there are always songs to sing and dance to. For me personally, the playlist we have going at work determines my mood. Am I fighting with someone? Doesn’t matter.

The reason this inspired me to write this all of a sudden, was because good music really does change the vibe of things. It probably won’t make sense either, but the upstairs office vibes at Sharkeez really needed a change. It’s where we all go to complain about work, life, ANYTHING. Sometimes all that weighs down on a place. Adding the music put everyone in a good mood, even if it was temporary.

So, with that being said, I encourage every workspace to offer some type of mood booster. Even if it starts off as something silly. I’m not just being biased because I am a music fanatic. I could tell that everyone who walked into that room was immediately on good vibes mode. However, yes, it would be a total dream to walk upstairs everyday and hear a new banger. Also, with that being said, if anyone from work is reading this, let’s make this a regular thing!

2 thoughts on “Music In The Workplace

  1. I would love your recommendation for my dental patients! I have Pandora music …50-70 age 30-40 age 20-30age

    Let me know!!!


    1. For the age range of 20s-30s I have heard that G-Eazy radio or Arctic Monkeys radio is a hit! 30s-40s I think Arctic Monkeys would be appropriate as well. As far as 50s-70s, I am not entirely sure what would be the ~perfect~ station, but I would assume Fleetwood Mac radio would have a good mix of old and new!!


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