Festival FOMO

With my Life Is Beautiful payment plan almost coming to a close, and the festival being 90 days away, I just thought I would share my personal take on having festival FOMO. For those of you who don’t know, FOMO simply means, “Fear Of Missing Out.” This year I became very familiar with the term, only to realize that it truly was not the end of the world. For those of you who are new here, I’m Jul, and I am probably one of the most dramatic people (when I want to be).

So, if anyone is wondering why I did not have a crazy story to tell from this year’s Coachella, it’s because unfortunately I did not go. I would later learn, that the thing I loved so much about the festival, could also take place outside of Indio (who knew!!!). Let me take you back, to the day I found out I would not be attending. I am sitting at work, most likely gossiping with Graham about something completely unnecessary. A text pops up on my phone, addressed to my usual Coachella gals. When I click it, it’s all bad news. My hands? Start shaking. That is typically something that happens to me when I am in shock and my brain and body are ghosting each other. Me being an emotional human being (I am a Cancer please understand), decides to also just start crying, in PUBLIC. I rarely even do that in private?? My friends try and calm me down, telling me they’ll buy my tickets, help me sell them, ditch work and come with me, etc. However, like I said, I am dramatic. So, I call my dad, tell him to bring my makeup bag so I can touch up, and decide that I am staying out tonight and pounding shots.

I think I decided to react to this change so dramatically because of what I knew Coachella to be. Although plenty of disasters happened, it was my break from school and reality. A chance to come home for days and visit my family, bestfriends, and pets. It was also my time to let go and enjoy the music. My mind is always on overdrive, overthinking every situation, no matter how big or small. When music is blasting, whether it is live or in the car, I am totally calm. So, knowing this was going to be taken away from me, I proceeded to panic. I 100% was chasing vodka shots with vodka redbulls and somehow survived the night.

The best part about this “tragic” situation was the new friends and memories I made that night. I hadn’t been at my job for too long and still didn’t consider myself extremely close with everyone yet. However, that night I got close with someone who is now my ride or die, and someone I see everyday and still get excited. Who knows if that would have happened so fast, if it weren’t for me hyperventilating in the middle of the bar!

Another reason I was so dramatic, was because I thought this was my ONE chance to see The Weeknd. I know, silly right? One of the most famous artists right now, I thought this would be my only opportunity. I know how tours work, it’ll be AGES before he goes on another. WRONG. After Coachella, he fell on every single festival lineup for the rest of 2018. So my lucky ass, got to pick and choose when I would see him next. Let me tell you, the wait will be so worth it.

That weekend, I spent with amazing people, almost making me forget that I was even supposed to be in Indio! That’s the beauty I thought I would be missing. My favorite parts of Coachella were all here at home with me, and I didn’t realize until I took a step back. While there were no disasters (other than my new holographic Adidas cutting up my ankles), the memories from that Friday-Sunday will last me just as long. So, that’s the takeaway, Festival FOMO is 100% in your head, it isn’t real, just like the glorious pictures on Instagram. Go to the concerts when you can, and when you can’t, just realize everything happens for a reason. Live music is forever and so are the friends and memories that happen along side it. Oh, and don’t be a brat like me??

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