I Was Born Before America

Hey there….I know it’s been 97 years since I last wrote something. As much as I would love to instantly blame writers block, it was just simply that this was put on the backburner. Also, as much as I would love to promise that there won’t be such a long hiatus again…I’M NO LIAR. Anyways, let’s get to something that I am really excited about.

So, I have never been one to glorify my birthday. I love other people’s way more than my own for some reason. It may have to do with the fact that the Fourth of July happens to be the day after. The excitement of seeing who is more American than the next person, seems to overshadow the fact that I am aging. However, if there is one thing I do love, it’s playlists. Any occasion is one to coagulate all my favorite tunes into one place. Also, seeing as I always end up the designated DJ at other get togethers, it’d be wrong if I didn’t supply the tunes for my own event.

Obviously, this playlist has to be amazing. Of course, I will be dropping the link to it once it gets a little closer to the date. However, since most of you will not be aging on the same day as me, consider it your playlist to be American to. Now, before anyone decides to have some serious questions about what the name of this is going to be, let me explain. It has become a trend since turning 21, that I get so drunk on my birthday, my body cannot even fathom seeing sunlight on the 4th. In my defense, I do happen to spend my birthday partying at the most MURCA place of all……American Junkie. I can probably write a whole separate post on why that’s my favorite bar, and my friends would still question what is wrong with me. That’s besides the point. While I am extremely intoxicated, I love to tell my friends and even strangers, that I “was born before America.” I think for some reason, drunk me needs to validate that I am so drunk and this country is somehow to blame. Or, I just think I was born in 1776 and am way cooler than anyone else at the club. I think the second option makes more sense. I also like to make claims that because my birthday is the day before everyone’s favorite holiday, that somehow makes me more American than anyone else. I’m telling you, the minute I have a single sip of alcohol, all remaining logic leaves my brain.

So, it’d honestly be a crime to not name this playlist: “I Was Born Before America.” Not only will people who accidentally stumble upon my Spotify be EXTREMELY confused, but I think people will respect me a little bit more (LOL). So, obviously, this playlist needs to be the best. If I am going to talk the talk, I have no choice but to walk the walk. This playlist will be a combination of songs that give me the nostalgic summer vibe. The vibe that you hear when it’s Winter or Fall, and you get a little lump in your throat. It will also incorporate some songs from my new turn up playlist (coming soon to this blog!!). Now, like every celebrity, if you are here when this posts I will be making you wait. It’s like I am launching some new merch or something, right? However, again, I am no liar. I will definitely be making you wait because there is a total of ONE song in the playlist right now. By the time this posts, there may be two, but don’t be reading this hoping for miracles. Chances are, if you are here and there is a playlist linked below, you are either A) here a week before my birthday when I drop it, or B) here after my birthday in which case if you didn’t wish me a happy birthday feel free to leave and delete me off everything.

I hope you enjoy the playlist and use it for your American festivities, aka shotgunning beers and smashing the can on your head. Just remember, I was born before America, making anything I do automatically cooler. 😉

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