In Heaven With Coleman Hell

I am not entirely sure if I am going to start a series on this, but I always have my own personal watchlist for artists that I feel are going to blow up. My gut is almost never wrong, small artists I love, quickly turn from playing small underground clubs, to giant arenas. So, I think I am going to start documenting it as proof of my stellar ear for music.

Someone on my radar right now is, Coleman Hell. I have loved his songs for years. From his sultry bop, “Heat of the Night” to his banjo banger, “2 Heads.” Lately, I have discovered that he has slowly been releasing new singles since the end of 2017. Let me just say, they are nothing short of AMAZING. With a completely different vibe from the previously mentioned singles, Coleman Hell has managed to incorporate what is popular in today’s era, all while keeping it unique.

Keeping things original is something that is important to me when keeping budding artists on my radar. Of course, in order to really make a hit, musicians have to be in tune with what is popular in society at all times. However, where some artists fall short is they make a hit single that almost sounds like everything else you’re hearing on the radio. I personally enjoy when something has relatable lyrics, but also can be danced to at all times. I know everyone is different, but it seems as if EDM and dance genres are what’s booming right now. So, with Coleman Hell, he has impressively incorporated his sultry lyrics with an upbeat club-ish vibe. My favorite of his right now is, “Devotion (SMLE Remix).” Not to be basic, but the lyrics are soooooo Coleman. Im talking as if I know him. However, the lyrics are sultry, yet sweet and passionate, which is something he accomplishes with all of his songs.

The tunes I mentioned at the beginning of this post were from around 2015, I want to say. What sparked my interest in those songs, were the artistic lyrics. The type that make you think for a second, and then have you feeling as if you can connect on a deeper level. So for me, it was really nice to see that he did not stray too far from that, while also trying to reach different audiences. A more recent bop he released is called, “Killer.” This song can relate to anyone in their drunken nights. Whether you have a significant other or not, immediately you can relate to what he is saying. As far as the beat goes, it definitely isn’t something you will find anyone raging to at a club in the middle of the night. However, I have found myself night and day blasting this with the windows down. It is perfect for a summers day or night, which is probably the most important quality of ANY song. Everyone knows the summer season is the most exciting, no matter what age you are. So, if a song can channel a summery vibe, you know it’s going to be good.

Now of course, he has plenty of other songs I haven’t mentioned, but me talking about every single on is probably more tedious than you listening to them yourself! So, I am keeping it short and sweet. Mainly, because I want you to go grab your phone and listen to this man ASAP. Do it now, before he takes over the world, because I know he will. As I am writing this, it is looking to be a beautiful beginning of summer day. So, I am going to drive with the windows down and BLAST (not kidding I like it loud) “Devotion” and “Killer,” for all of Orange County to hear. If you love any of his songs, or are just now listening, tell me which one is your fave! I love when pals discover a new love for artists I am passionate about. Also, if you have any artists you think I would adore, never hesitate to throw them my way! Who knows, maybe they will end up on my watchlist.

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