Is it just me, or was 2018 not AS bad as people were making it out to be? To be fair, we all go through different struggles. With that being said, I just did not think it was the most awful year to date. However, I did think the year in music was a little more garbage than most. Feel free to disagree.

The reason I am under the impression that 2018 was just a giant “bleh” when it came to new music, is because of the Spotify “Wrapped” playlist. Every year, the music streaming platform dedicates a whole playlist to your most listened to songs. In doing so, they also enjoy reminding you of your previous year’s playlists. While I look forward to this EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR, I was a little disappointed to see what 2018 brought me compared to my previous years. My top songs were as predicted. At some point in the year, once I have found a song I can’t stop listening to, I like to see if that said song will become my most played song. Usually, I am never wrong. What can I say, your girl LOVES that repeat button.

Upon looking at my 2018 year in music with a slight hint of disappointment, I decided to take a peek at 2017. Let me tell you, THAT PLAYLIST WAS ABSOLUTE FIRE. It is currently January 17th, and I am still listening to it. So much so, that I am wondering if some of these songs are going to make a comeback on my 2019 playlist. Don’t get me wrong, 2018 had some absolute bangers. I just don’t think there was anything mind blowing. Which for me, is a really big loss. After seeing my playlist, I was talking to a close friend about my disappointment, to which she said she agreed. She basically stated that 2018 just seemed like it was “there” and nothing really amazing seemed to happen. We were kind of talking about life in general, but I think that tied into our year in music as well. I want to save this discussion for a later date, but I think music is a key factor in telling how our lives are going. While 2018 had some of my favorite songs and releases, nothing really struck me as WOW. The Weeknd released a mini album that shook me to my core, but to me that is nothing too influential in the REALM of music itself. Only because he can come out with an album of white noise, and I will go around saying it changed my life.

So why is that? Were musicians just going through an “eh” year like the rest of us? Or, is this post just extremely biased? Like the saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” this could have been a year of musical treasure for some people. I also like to think of this as a positive. Usually in years where music doesn’t have that big WOW moment, it generally means musicians are hard at work creating something amazing. For me, with 2017 being such a bomb year musically, most of my artists were probably on tour or in the studio. I literally cannot be mad at that. With that being said, it wasn’t completely awful. I was still so excited to listen to my playlist and reflect on the year itself. What I was experiencing in real life was extremely reflective in what I was listening to. I encourage you to listen to your playlist again and see the same.

I am keeping today’s post short and sweet. Just because I not only want you to go listen to your playlist again and think about how 2018 was for you, but because I am going to as always, link my playlist. Which means, I also want you to try and figure out where you think my 2018 was going, and where it is leading me in 2019. In listening to your playlist, maybe jot down the good and the bad. If there are some sad songs, think about that time you were upset and if you can do anything different in 2019. The happy songs take note of, and think about the good times you were blasting those. Try and keep those good vibes alive in 2019, but maybe with some new tunes. Most of my posts are meant to spark a conversation in your own mind. Since I am always blasting my opinion loud and proud, I want you to think about how yours compares. 2019 we are going to be “WOKE” about our musical opinions and we are going to use that mindset to drive and motivate us in all aspects of life. Buckle up, there are great things in store.

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