YG Lyrics That Speak To Me

Honestly, this post is going to be one wild ride. It’s going to be just as entertaining to make as it is to read…I HOPE. If you have been living under a really thick rock, YG is an artist that makes bad bitch anthems for EVERYONE. Are you shy? Listen to YG. Suddenly you’re chatty Cathy. Breakup? Listen to YG. Suddenly, you’ve never had a man/woman in your life. There is also no wrong time to listen to him. 6am? Perfect time to blast “Big Bank.” I have literally done this on a road trip and it changed everything. If I wasn’t awake before that song, the heavy bass acted as a defibrillator to my system. Recently, he released a new album, which is going to make finding “moving” lyrics way more fun. 

Let’s begin with his famous hit, “Who Do You Love.” For some reason, whenever this comes on at a bar, the room goes crazy. As if the song just came out. It’s been five years, that’s how influential this song is. My friend and I love to bring up the lyric, “Eatin’ crab out in Malibu at Nobu.” While this is kind of a cheat, because it is Drake delivering it, it still counts. For me, this lyric is super influential because while I have been to Malibu, I have never been to Nobu. I’ve heard great things though. However, my bank account is still only allowing me to eat fake crab at Trader Joes. So, I just like to listen and daydream about what my life would be like if I decided to save money. Moving on. The next song has a lot of influential lyrics to me. It inspires me in ways you would never believe. “Big Bank.” Already judging by the title, it is something I desire, that I do not have. Right now the lyric that is most impactful to me is, “Big bank, take lil bank.” My bank right now is as little as ever. Seeing that I left my job to mentally make myself happier, there is no big bank. If the song said big bank, take non-existent bank; it would be almost exactly like my life. The song is obviously about making SO much money, that you have to brag about it. What I’ve taken from the song, is to just pretend. The way I am living my life, people must think I have the biggest bank ever. However, Capital One likes to remind me at least once a month, that I don’t have shit. 

We can’t talk about influential YG lyrics without tapping into his most recent album. Almost every single song has an iconic collab. We obviously have to start with his song with G-Eazy. “Do Not Disturb,” is an influential track about really annoying hoes. I mean, c’mon, we’ve all had to deal with them amirite. I think my favorite line would have to be when G-Eazy says, “Bitch you’re doing too much, please stop yourself.” I felt personally victimized when he said that. Like am I doing too much partying? Too much spending money? Too much festival partying? I couldn’t even pick. However, when Gerald tells you to do something, you do it. No questions asked. 

While I could go on for a whole three pages about YG lyrics that I love screaming out of my car window, this post is long overdue. By that, I mean I initially wrote it in JUNE. So, the comedic relief cannot be tapped back into. However, I did want to share it with the world, in hopes of inspiring people with YG’s motivational hymns. Maybe, you too, will find the YG lyric that takes your life to the next level.


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