Life Is Still Beautiful

HELLERRRRRR. Yeah, maybe Life is Beautiful did happen 3 weeks ago, but I have finally recovered from the loss I felt of it being over. While people had many mixed reviews of the festival this year, I thought it was as beautiful as ever. Let me tell you why.

Let’s start with my journey to Vegas. We had a little rocky start arriving, but it quickly turned over for the better. While getting to the city was extremely breezy, I experienced a little shake up at the grocery store. Of course, right? Something weird has happened to me at every festival. So, I am about to be in the heart of Vegas, when I decide to go to the store just outside of the city. We are obviously on a mission to capture some White Claws. And bagels…always bagels. So, I am picking up my case of Claws. I set my phone down maybe a foot away from me. I turned around to put the Claws in my cart and when I looked back, my phone was gone. Me being me, I assumed I put it back in my backpack for safe keeping. As I start to walk away, I realize that is not the case. Who jacked my broken Iphone 6? And how? I was standing right there, not another soul in sight. I power walk to the front, and ask the woman about a lost phone. As I am speaking to her, the cashier tells me that the phone has just been turned in. Weird, right? It felt like the universe was playing a prank on me. Since I had gone on the outskirts of the town to the store, I would have had no idea how to get to my friends apartment. Let alone, I would not have a phone for the entire weekend! Any other time, this would not be an issue, but at a festival?? Not going to happen. However, I was extremely lucky to get my belongings back. Upon checking out, I proceeded to race to the comfort of Emily’s apartment and start getting ready.

It’s day one! Not to mention, Alana and I’s one year anniversary. Such a special moment, realizing you met one of your amazing friends at an amazing festival. Iconic, one would say. Obviously this is Alana’s night. Gryffin is playing and Alana is his #1 supporter and promoter. I had no idea who he was before she came into my life. I am hyped to finally get a chance to wear my hair in space buns, like I had been practicing for weeks. We walk into the festival, and there it is, that feeling you get when you’re finally where you need to be. As some people may know, I quit my job right before the festival. My whole plan was to leave after, but it just felt right to end my journey with live music. I had been feeling overwhelmed, but all of that immediately went away. We had about an hour until our first set, ARIZONA, and I was excited to get a Vodka Redbull. Would you think any less of me? Unfortunately, I was hoping for a cute souvenir cup, but this year that concept didn’t exist. Like all years, we just HAD to sneak each other into VIP for a little bit. Let’s just be real, the porta potties are nicer, and the grass is greener. So, we spent ARIZONA’s set in VIP, vibing with my Vodka Redbull. My favorite part of this entire set wasn’t even the songs. This is absolutely no shade to ARIZONA, they were phenomenal. However, at one point, the lead singer gave a mini speech. He said something along the lines of: if you aren’t where you need to be, with the people you want to be with, you have the power to change that. And while a little lump in my throat formed, Alana put her hand on my shoulder from behind me. In that moment, I really had no doubts about any of my prior decisions. I was going to be okay, actually I was going to be FANTASTIC. 

After the set, we decide to head over to our favorite tent, and watch everyone before Gryffin. An act that caught me off guard, for the better, was Jonas Blue. I had always walked to class in college to his song, “Fast Car.” So naturally, I assumed the set would be more mellow. I was wrong. However, it was the perfect pregame to Gryffin. Of course, I just HAD to scream my heart out to the song, “Remember.” For those of you who don’t remember (lol), Coachella was the first time I saw Gryffin. On my drive home, I knew there was a song I loved, but I just couldn’t think of the name. Upon shuffling his music, I realized this was the one. So, since Coachella, I had been listening to “Remember” almost everyday. On repeat. After screaming my lungs out, and dancing like a maniac, it was time to close the night. We finished with Louis the Child. Who was obviously amazing. We decided, with a long weekend ahead of us, we needed to go home early tonight. Of course, not without a little pit stop to McDonalds. 

It is day TWO baby. I wake up a dusty, crusty mess, while Emily gets her booty up to go to SoulCycle. What a goddess. I went right back to bed. Let’s just say this day was the best for so many reasons. The first being, it was unofficial cheetah print night on the grounds. When we walked in, almost every person we encountered was in cheetah, including me. How did I get the telepathic memo?? We decided to walk around a little bit and check out the art. My favorite part about this year, were the notes to strangers posted all over. I think the movement has been in museums for a while, but for some reason, seeing them in person was super impactful. It was like all the notes posted, were meant for me to see. It was giving me a little extra pep in my step. However, here is where the REAL pep comes in. I had originally planned my trip to stay longer to see Loud Luxury at the clurb (not a typo). However, my friend’s hookup was no longer in Vegas, leading to a dead end for us. I was super bummed, just trying to play it cool. My friends get a text in the venue, Loud Luxury is playing the Bacardi Art Motel in 30 mins. I SCREAMED. We had to go. It was obviously a pop up, Bacardi Art Motel is teeny tiny. So we get there, and I cut the line. I cut about 70 people, absolutely no shame. In my mind, those people probably did not get the text, they were just waiting to go in and get their aesthetic photos. Not today! I still do not feel one ounce of guilt. While I was most excited for Jauz that day, the vibe completely changed. The song “Love No More,” is the bad bitch anthem I am always talking about. I am in love. So, obviously, the secret set was everything I ever dreamed. 

After Loud Luxury, we attempted to find our friends and go to Jauz. Unfortunately, one of our buddies was extremely excited to see Lil Wayne, who came on stage for one lyric, and then cancelled his set. So, with her night being essentially ruined, she decided to return home. We go to Jauz and make some really cool new friends, who later we go to the next set with. However, we don’t stay long before we decide it is time to hit the after party. Where do we go? Well OBVIOUSLY, Encore Beach Club. RL Grime was playing the after party, and I was not going to miss it. Let’s just say, he’s my new Beach Club crush. 

It’s day three. Emily still finds it in her soul to get up and workout, while I go right back to bed. It always sinks in on the third day, that it is ending. While I don’t intend for these sad thoughts to creep in, they always do. I just want it to last forever, ya know? So, I put on my favorite festival bodysuit, and we mob over for the last day. Of course, upon arrival, all sad feelings dissipate. Nothing extremely exciting happens, but we do get to end the night with Oliver Heldens, NERVO, and last, but certainly not least, POST MALONE. Can I just say, going into the night, I genuinely was under the impression that Post Malone heavily used autotune, even live. However, I was extremely surprised to find out that he is an AMAZING performer. He managed to put everyone in their feelings, but also hype them up simultaneously. The performance was so good, I have even considered seeing him on tour. 

I know I no longer have any wild fables to tell, like my first Coachella post on here. However, I think people enjoy reading about how festivals can actually be a fairytale, as opposed to a nightmare. I will say though, as you grow up, the festival disasters may lessen, but the party STILL is crazy. I mean, c’mon, not everyone can dance for 12 miles a day. This festival never fails to remind me that no matter how tough my life gets, or how overwhelmed I may be, life is still beautiful.


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