Praise Our Founding Fathers

Well this is definitely some new territory as far as topics go for me. PODCASTS. They have been around forever, but for some reason, everyone is just now hopping on the bandwagon. I remember the first podcast I ever truly enjoyed, Serial. I am a big murder mystery fan, but that’s a topic for another time. Personally, I never found myself in a position where I would want to sit down and listen to another person talk. Unless I was having a face to face conversation. Books on tape were never up my alley. However, one day, everything changed. 

My friend sent me a text saying something along the lines of, “Have you listened to Call Her Daddy?” Initially, I thought this was going to be a new song that had just been released. However, she informed me that if I like anything to do with Barstool Sports, then I would love this. Obviously, I had to do my research. Now, any NORMAL person would think to start a podcast from the beginning. I later learned that the Daddy Girls strongly advise this concept. However, my initial research began with watching their vlogs on Youtube to get a feel for who they are. For me, I would like to see who exactly is giving me all this raunchy advice. 

Now yes, let me preface this whole post by saying, Call Her Daddy is not for the weak of heart. It may not even be for anyone reading this who is over the age of 40. Let me tell you why. It is RAUNCHY and RELATABLE. Which for most adults, is horrifying. Especially for parents. I can’t imagine any parent sitting down to listen to this podcast and thinking, “Groovy”. However, it is 2019, and young adults are being young, wild, and free. Most of the premise of these podcast episodes, deal with the trial and error of dating. Just when you think you’ve met the one, something isn’t right. These girls also give real and raw (no pun intended) sex advice. Now for some people, this is where their opinions on the podcast waiver. Maybe you aren’t a hoe, so to hear some of these stories is scarier than Halloween Horror Nights at Universal. However, maybe you are, and you’re looking for something to spice it up. These girls do it all. 

Let me give you an example. Tragically, most of us reading this, like men. It’s more often than not, tragic. However, like the saying goes, you truly cannot live without them. In a more recent episode, Alex invites her male friend to come on the podcast. Now you’re thinking, cool, time for some useful advice from the man’s perspective. Judging by his name, Milf Hunter, you can only assume it isn’t going to be romantic. While I am sitting in my car listening, I am mistakenly waiting to hear advice from a guy on how girls SHOULD act. Instead, I am listening to a normal guy talk about all the savage things he has done in the past, and how he doesn’t plan on settling down anytime soon. If that doesn’t confirm my point that men are TRASH, I don’t know what will. I’m kidding. I actually found the episode super amusing and maybe a TAD insightful. I mean, who am I to kid, I have the worst taste in men. So, he seems right up my alley. I actually, in turn, learned a couple tips and tricks on how to play a player. NO MAN IS SAFE FROM ME NOW. I say as I am literally typing this alone in bed with my cat. 

My favorite portion of the podcast however, is when youngins like myself, get to submit questions. At the end of the episode, Alex and Sofia pick which questions may be the most relevant and useful. Most of the time it’s about a cheating spouse, or sometimes it is just a crazy story about college. While I am no longer at the age where I have to worry about boys at frat parties, I still love to hear the advice. It makes me wish I had these girls in college, would that have changed anything? Probably not. Would I have steered clear of the frat stars? Most definitely. It was just recently that I found myself writing in to these girls for advice. On what, I won’t disclose just yet. However, whether I get chosen or not, there was some comfort in thinking they might see it. It almost feels…fatherly. Maybe they are the daddy’s of the internet. 

While I would LOVE to tell each and every one of you to go listen to this podcast, I feel as if I should disclose a warning. This podcast is EXTREMELY inappropriate. Mom and Dad, close your ears and stay away okay? But, while it is raunchy, do not go judging your friends for being die hard fans. In all reality, this podcast is what girls talk about at slumber parties with their friends. If you are a guy reading this and have listened to the podcast, yes it is true, we are talking shit about you behind your back. Lastly, to the men. If you use your little Airpods and decide to listen, kudos to you. HOWEVER, this is not a reflection of any of your female friends’ endeavors, okay? There is no slut shaming in this house. These stories are obviously not ours, and that’s why they’re hilarious to listen to. 

With that being said, if you are not scared away yet, listen to the podcast. Maybe it’ll spark some memories from your wild past. Or, maybe it’ll just make you grateful for your easy, breezy, beautiful dating life. Either way, Call Her Daddy, has a little something for everyone.


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