Selena, You’re Better Than This.

Ah yes, the infamous pop culture couple. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. It feels like we have grown up with this relationship. From the beginning, to the end, we have seen it all with these two. Hopefully. I don’t want to jump straight into this and start ragging on Selena. So, let’s reel it back a little bit. 

The year is 2011, maybe even 2012, they get a little jumbled in the mess. This is when the pair STARTED dating. Let that sink in. Most of us were youngins. Not even thinking about dating, but I mean they are relatively the same age. Just two super young celebrities, trying to navigate love, in the public spotlight. I mean wow. Can you imagine how hard that must be? Not only are you trying to get a grip on what dating is, but you hardly even know yourself at that point. So, imagine trying to do that with a whole nation looking at you. It is hard to imagine, I will give them that. However, they did not really need to make everything so public. As a couple, you have the power to choose what people know about the intimate details of your relationship. This is where things get a little messy.

In 2012, it seemed that the couple broke up, for the first time. Yeah I know, almost 7 years later and we are still not really sure what is actually happening anymore. So, they break up, seemingly for a couple years. Selena makes breakup songs, Justin goes on a drunken bender, the usual. They stayed off and on until about 2014. The pair just couldn’t make up their minds. However, the media loved it. We all loved it, right? I mean it’s a tale as old as time. When nothing interesting is happening in your own life, there is ALWAYS some celebrity drama. This is where things get a little messy. It seemed that in 2015, they really were ready to go their own ways. Gearing up for a 2015-2016 tour season, they were both starting to date other people. Justin decided to pair with Sofia Richie, and Selena with The Weeknd. Good choice girl. Well, you know it couldn’t just end there, right? Nope. It’s petty season boys and girls. Amid Justin having fun with his new boo, Selena couldn’t help but constantly throw her two cents in the social media mix. From tweeting about them rather obviously, to blatantly commenting on his pictures, you could tell she was starting to crack. Don’t worry, Justin wasn’t too happy about her short fling with The Weeknd either. 

It appeared The Weeknd’s playboy energy was no match for Justin Bieber. After a mere 10 months, Selena dumped him. Only days later, she was seen with Justin one last time. This lasted on and off again for about two years. They broke up early 2018, where Justin quickly ran back to Hailey Baldwin, someone he was seen with at some point in this messy timeline. Well, flash forward to now. Hailey traded Baldwin for Bieber, and the two are still happily married to this day. Now what about Selena?

The star seemingly decided to take a break from everything. Deactivated some social media, just basically disappeared. Honestly, a power move. It is so extremely hard to try and move on these days. Going off the grid is really your only option, especially as a celebrity. Now, this is where I have an issue.

Clearly, this relationship had been doomed from the start. Once the two began to grow older, emotional abuse and alcoholism began to take a toll on the two. While I know everyone’s side of the story is different, this is just the general realm of what we’ve all been hearing. However, I know how easy it is to go back to something familiar. My issue is not that. I have an issue with the way Selena has been attacking the other women. Anytime I see a Twitter drama account reporting the news, it never seems to have anything positive about Selena moving on anymore. I understand we all hurt in different ways, however, Justin is now married. It seems as if he has been nothing but supportive of Selena’s journey. Whether that be as an artist or her immense health issues. While she has since deleted all of the nasty comments and tweets, for a while she was on a Hailey rampage. I get it. They got married after a year, a little crazy. However, no longer your battle to fight. I am also positive Justin does not think it’s quirky to see you posting petty captions on social media, the day of his wedding. Move on.

My other issue. Her new music. Now this is really going to stir the pot, I am sure. My issue is not necessarily the context of her latest singles, because I think they are actually rather beautiful. A woman healing through her music is a powerful thing to watch. Her album context however, terrifies me. It is one thing to make a hit single or two about your breakup, and what you endured. However, a whole album? Selena. Please. I know for a FACT that more exciting things have happened in your life in the last 2 years. I know you have had exciting one night stands, random girls nights out, and just overall better times. But no. You’re choosing to release an album that is basically your emotional “diary.” Whatever that means. I personally just do not think it is a good look. To capitalize off of this breakup that happened so long ago. I mean, I am sure I am not the only one who is sick of hearing it?

What I want for Selena is to stop releasing the sad breakup hits. One or two, go for it. A whole album? Save it. I personally want to hear her positivity! You know what hurts the most? A bad bitch anthem. I mean, Dua Lipa just released “Don’t Start Now.” Basically a song telling her ex to kick rocks. I want that from Selena. I know she has it in her. In previous years when they broke up she was releasing bangers. Pretending she didn’t care what he was up to at all. The world needs that. She needs that. He also needs that. I am sure Hailey hurts for you too. No woman wants to see another woman suffer. However, she also doesn’t want to feel guilty for what happened in your long time ago relationship either. 

So Selena, sweetie, please do better. For yourself and for all of us as well. I know you have it in you, and your fans will always support you through anything. It is time to let this relationship rest though. It’s been almost 2 years. You’re hot, and any guy would probably be dying to marry you. Justin is taken. Let’s get those baddie anthems firing girl because honestly, I am sick of it. Like the famous vine says, “If he doesn’t treat you right, you’re gone.” “I’m gone.” BOY BYE.


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