2020 New Beginnings

Happy New Year! I thought I would start my first post in 2020 with a little life update. Maybe even take you on a little journey in my personal UFO if that’s okay with you? Throw in a little spicy storytime. Who knows.

So, what is this all about? YOUR GIRL GOT A NEW JOB. I have kept everyone in the dark about this situation, except for my close friends, up until very recently. I just wanted to marinate in the moment, okay?? I didn’t want to wake up and have it all be fake. If you are attentive, I briefly mentioned in my post about Life Is Beautiful, I quit my job to be there. Aren’t I so fun and dramatic? In all reality, I quit my job, and THEN went to have my own celebration at the festival. However, I never really touched base on anything after that. You want to know why? Finding a job was hard as hell that’s why. 

Let me backtrack quickly for a second. Upon graduating college, I thought with my thin paper degree, I was set. However, I was brought back to reality, shortly after that thought crossed my mind. For some, finding a job in their career path was actually simple. They had their minds made up in college, and stuck with it. While I always truly knew where my heart was heading, I constantly teetered on if it was “doable.” This is why in college, I didn’t think to look for internships or simple music jobs. I was ignoring my heart and my gut. So, that just meant I was going to have to bust my ass from that moment forward. Which is exactly what I have been doing for the last 2 years. I took a small break after graduation and was ready to grind. I took a small part-time job at a bar in Orange County, which I still hold very near and dear to my heart. While it was only a marketing and promotions position, I figured this title would look great for an entry level music job. I got settled in the job, and continued to look elsewhere. My heart could not rest. I loved the bar and I loved the family that it provided me, but I still felt restless. Coming home from music festivals I was sad, almost like I was longing for more. I MEAN I WAS. I just didn’t know what. 

Now, we’re approaching Fall 2019. Life Is Beautiful is around the corner, and my heart is starting to become unhappy. It is becoming increasingly obvious to the people around me. I am no longer where I need to be. While at one point, this job was the first step in the right direction, now it was time to put another foot forward. So, I quit. Didn’t even give my parents more than a 2 weeks notice, like my boss. I set my last day to be right before the music festival, so I could have one last chance to dance. Not forever, c’mon. Just ya know, before I cried every night applying to jobs. If you know me, you know that’s exactly what my sensitive ass did. 

I mean, it wasn’t all bad. I did spend countless nights crying in frustration. Wouldn’t you?? If your initial thought was “no,” maybe sit at your computer for 8 hours a day, emailing the void. Now occasionally those emails did produce a response. However, the majority of the response was negative. This is what differentiates 2019 me from 2017 me. In 2017, I would see the rejection, get mad, and quit. This time, I saw the rejection and used it as a fire to spark my next move. Don’t get me wrong though, I still cried…A LOT. All the tears eventually paid off. In early December, I got an interview that would set the tone for my new decade. Upon leaving the interview, I went to visit my best friend at work. I remember telling her I HAD TO HAVE THAT JOB. I have never left an interview feeling like the perfect fit, until that moment. Like everyone should do when looking for a new job, follow up. Seriously. Be annoying. I emailed the company, and almost immediately got a response. It was good news, and he wanted to call me that Friday to finalize everything. This is where things come full circle for me.

Friday rolls around, and I am going on a girls trip to San Diego, for my friend’s birthday. We arrive a little early, so I can take my call in one of the rooms before the festivities begin. I got the job. At the time it still didn’t feel real, still doesn’t. However, this is where it all comes looping around. I quit my job a few months back, and had my last moment of stress-free bliss at one of my favorite music festivals. In San Diego, I started my NEW stress-free bliss dancing at Gryffin! See what I mean, full circle. What’s meant to be will be. 

All this had me reminiscing on what my life has been like in the past two years. All the music festival moments, random vegas concerts, and spontaneous trips to go see my favorite artists. At the time, those were all the moments that inspired me the most. They still probably will in this new chapter of my life. All the “too drunk” moments at Coachella, blisters on my ankles, and post festival comedowns. Those were the memories that kept me working hard, and dreaming bigger. 

Now, this definitely isn’t the end. With this new job, you’ll get to see me thrive even more. AND I AM GETTING PAID FOR IT??? Imagine that, getting paid to do something you love. I think I’ve heard some sayings about that in the past. What I can say for sure, is you can expect to still hear me scream singing all my favorite songs, except more frequently. This blog will still be thriving, once I find time and content. There are definitely more interviews coming up, so keep an eye out for that. Also, more music festivals, so possibly more disasters?? You know it’s bound to happen with me. Maybe this time someone will actually steal my Iphone 6, so I have no excuse to not get my upgrade. So, until the next musical journey we meet on, I’ll be back soon!!


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