Orange Crush Baby

Has anyone ever noticed how Orange Crush Soda is always just associated with Summer? I don’t think anyone is reaching for it in the cold Winter months. However, is anyone reaching for it in general? I’ve recently discovered that I am surrounded by people who hate orange flavored things. From Starburst, energy drinks, even to sodas. I feel like an oddball out, but in the best way. 

I’ve always loved orange flavors and colors. If you’re feeling bold, peruse my Facebook. I had a pair of neon pants that would perfectly go with the theme of today’s post. Fortunately, those pants saw the light of a dumpster, many moons ago. However, I won’t say I don’t think about them from time to time. 

Has anyone noticed how oranges are somehow always associated with groovy vibes? Or is it just me? I feel like the 80’s just loved orange more than we do. Any groovy song, whether it’s Pop or R&B always seems to have an orange background, more often than not. I also feel like they just drank way more soda back then, am I wrong about that too? Like what time period were the Fanta girls from? Someone let me know, I’ll wait. Here I am, just trying to draw any connections to my fave era. Let me live.

That was past me, but present me still loves a little orange moment from time to time. My favorite energy drink right now is, Celsius. Apparently the “healthy” version of Redbull, with enough caffeine to put pep in my step at 5:30am. Or, at 9am, you know how quarantine hours work. My favorite flavor? Orange. You just CAN’T do orange flavoring wrong. Does it taste like Cuties? Not really. However, not far off. I mean, c’mon, have y’all tried grape flavors?? WHAT IS THAT? Anyways, we are veering off topic.

When thinking of my love for orange flavored Celsius, I think of songs that put me in an uplifting Summer mood. Isn’t that what we all need right now? Before some of you knew me as the girl who’s head is so far up Dillon Francis’ ass, I was as Indie pop as it came. So much so, that I really didn’t have the mental capacity to enjoy any other types of music. I really went through a phase of only liking underground sounds. However, that’s okay! Now, I’ve morphed into my final form. I can listen to anything, such a threat I know. While I still love to rave in the night hours, the daytime is when I like to center myself. I find it hard to have total peace of mind, while hearing insane WOMP WOMP in the background. So, I busted out my old record player, and reconnected with some older sounds. Suddenly, I was feeling lighter, and more creative. Crazy how that works right? 

That’s where I created this playlist. I have a feeling it has a little something for everyone. While I say that all the time, this time I mean it. Want to do some yoga? Listen to this playlist? Sitting on your floor writing a blog post? Listen to this playlist. Just generally trying to feel some good vibes? THIS PLAYLIST. 

I know a lot of people will never understand this part of my creative process, but I love to go on daily drives. For some reason, it’s when I can really disconnect. With the windows down, COVID-19 filling my car, and the music blasting, I can think. Which is terrifying for all of you. I found out I have so much to say! The song that makes me feel most creative on this playlist is, “I Follow Rivers – The Magician Remix by Lykke Li.” She’s such a classic, good vibes soul. I know what you’re thinking, A REMIX? Don’t worry, it is mellow. However, if you want to zen out even more, you can listen to the original. Just as good. This also wouldn’t be a TRUE Orange Crush playlist, without a couple tracks off of Frank Ocean’s, “Channel Orange.” This album I think pulled me out of my quarantine depression. I hope it does the same for you. 

So, what’s my point? Well, I know most of the world is truly going through IT right now. So, in the midst of the madness, it’s important to find the little things that make you happy. As well as the small things that make you feel centered. It’s all we have control over right now! I also know a lot of us are always trying to become the best versions of ourselves. This awkward time is the perfect chance to do that! It’s totally okay to go back to a version of yourself, you might have left behind. Sometimes, if you mix the old with the new, you create something amazing. For me, I created this playlist. Seems small to you, but to me, it really turned my lockdown around. So, I encourage you to dig into something that once brought you joy, and mix it with your current activities. You may be surprised at the outcome!

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