Coachella – A Look Back

As you can tell from the title, we are about to take a fun trip down memory lane. I actually let out a little chuckle when forming the name of this disaster piece. It sounds so serious. When in reality, I am going to sum up MY Coachella for you. Not from the documentary, not Diplo’s experience, but little ol’ me. 

Why not start from the beginning?

2014. This is about to be my first music festival ever, this is the year that released my inner “COACHELLA IS MY LIIIIIIIFE” beast. All it took was one weekend. I think this year was so special, because it just encapsulated my year of firsts. Concluding my first year of college, my first year of living out of state, with my first festival. Get this, nothing went wrong. When you are new to the Indio Valley festival, everything feels so dreamy. It’s hard to even focus on the blood dripping down your ankles, from the poor choice in sandals. You just feel so free! This lineup was just a flower crown wearing bitch’s dream. Lana Del Rey, Disclosure, Lorde, Foster the People, and so many more. Honestly, looking at the poster right now, you can tell the lineup was way less impacted. Less artists, for more time to see everyone. It’s hard to pick a favorite for me from that year, everyone was so amazing. However, if you look at the 2014 lineup compared to 2020, it proves my theory correct. I have this conspiracy in my head that every few years, the lineup repeats itself. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself. I’ll wait. 

2015, we skipped. As you can imagine, my little heart was broken. I was just starting to get into The Weeknd, I know, I was late. However, when I first start listening to an artist, I am infatuated. My friends at the time, didn’t understand. Honestly, I’m not really sure they still do?? Does anyone?? Oh wow. Anyways, so we didn’t go, I threw a tantrum. Next.

2016, everyone’s favorite year of mine. HONESTLY, I am going to come out and say that this was the most iconic Coachella. I mean, yes, the lineup was insane. Like Guns N Roses?? Iconic. Ahem, if you would like to take a look at my conspiracy theory again…go ahead and compare 2014 to this lineup as well. Again, I’ll wait! So, if you are really new here, I will link below one of my first tales on here. “Pineapple Cider In Indio.” One of my best works, if I do say so myself. I need you to read that first, and then we can meet back here. Okay? Okay. With it being 4 years later, I can confidently say, I still have not had Pineapple Cider again. I just know the flavor will take me back to that hot desert. However, it may be kinda funny. Should I try them again for old times sake? Shit. Maybe I did blackout off of two ciders that year. Maybe that blackout was a product of heatstroke. We will never know. All I know is, Matt and Kim will never be the same. Honestly, I haven’t even really listened to their music since then either. Again, IF YOU KNOW YOU KNOW.

2017, our last year of college baby! Also, our last year of Coachella as a trio. For those of you who don’t know. I used to frequent concerts with my two best friends, Alex and Summer. Rightfully so, they decided to tap out after this year. Again, I wrote about it, will link down below. For a little recap though, this was the first year we decided to try car camping. NEVER AGAIN HUNNIES. The phrase, “You live and you learn,” really came into play here. Lineup wise? Fantastic. Beyoncé decided she didn’t want to give birth on stage, and I think we all kind of resent her a little bit for that. Lady Gaga was her replacement though, and personally, I think she’s amazing. Did we go see her? Nope! We had other things to do. Like carrying around a haunted purse for the weekend. Confused? Good. To make a long story short, Summer found a purse on the ground and decided to carry it around. Waiting for the perfect time to take it to lost and found, which honestly was inconvenient to our busy schedules. However, once we obtained that purse, we realized maybe it was better lost. Bad shit on bad shit kept happening to us. Right up until we turned the purse back in. Oh you want me to explain what I mean? Almost immediately after we got the lost item, our friend’s phone vanished. Poof. You wanted to take a video of the next set? Sorry. Super bummer. THEN. Guys…..then. Our campsite caught on fire. I literally cannot make this stuff up. Alex decided that Ramen was a good idea for camping. Which, I agreed. However, the mini stove she brought with had other plans. Like to simply blow up. As if our tent living was not impoverished enough. Just look at the cover photo for this post. Enough said.

2018, honestly the year that changed my life. I didn’t even go to Coachella this year. Alex and Summer decided enough was enough. However, ONCE AGAIN, The Weeknd was on the lineup. Insert X-Files theme song here. I was in full tantrum mode. I’m talking crying at work tantrum mode, then taking shots all night. Classic! However, a beam of light. Life is Beautiful Festival. That was my redemption moment, and I cannot thank Alex and Summer enough for unintentionally giving me a push to try something new. 

2019, the last Coachella. LOL. I’m being so dramatic. However, it feels like 2020 doesn’t count for anything right now, so it’s true. This is my first Coachella with my new lil squad. Alana and Emily. More always join, but the three of us stay constant, and stay connected at the hip. It’s not like one of us totally has a little fun with our girl Molly and thinks that it’s time to run around and make friends with strangers. Who would do that? Psh. This is their first Coachella, and I feel like I put it on myself. While at this point, I am favoring Life is Beautiful a tad more, I don’t let on. It’s freaking Coachella, you can feel the hype all throughout the air. Oh what’s that? Chuck from Gossip Girl just casually walked by to get some water? NO BIGGIE. Lineup? Phenomenal. This was the year I really tapped into my EDM phase. As a true Dillon Francis groupie, I must say, Sunday night was the winner for me. However, my friends introduced me to Gryffin this trip, and my life hasn’t been the same since. 

ALL IN ALL. I know this is a really sad time for music festival lovers out there. People call us basic, and hate us for our singing Instagram videos. I get it. However, waking up this morning, I decided I didn’t want to think about the negative. It’s all that is going around right now. Instead, I am using COVID-19 to re-center, and think about how grateful I am. We all work hard to make our festival dreams come true. Or, if you’re like me, you spend money you don’t have and reap the consequences of debt for a year. Whatever your flow is, we will be dancing soon. Hell, we can even be dancing now. So many good live streams for the Indie lover, or the EDM lover. Just tune in, and disconnect for a second. I promise, it slightly helps. Just a little.

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