Double Vision


So, seeing as it’s Tuesday, and Saturday’s are my usual post date…I know I’m late. Can I be completely honest though? I’m just over this quarantine shit. It’s 11pm the night before I am posting this. Usually, I am so excited and feeling so creative my posts are scheduled like a week before. This past week, I just was NOT havin’ it. Everyone’s starting to feel a little fatigued, so I’m sure y’all get it. My life is usually different each day, so for once, sticking to a routine is super boring. ANYWAYS.

I’m sure a lot of you are wondering what this title is about, some may be questioning if I now wear glasses. Undetermined, cannot see a doctor right now, but I’ll letcha know. However, this post is about my double life. I’M COMING CLEAN.

A lot of confusion has circled around a lot of things I’ve been posting. Various playlists that aren’t in my name, posts from a different Instagram, and now more blog posts. I’m basically coming for Hannah Montana’s neck. So, I thought I would use this post to clear the air.

When I first started my job, I abandoned this blog for a little bit, my baby. Then, when I got temporarily fired, I came back to it. Like a shitty ex. TYPICAL. Now, I am trying to find the right balance. So, during the week, if you see me promoting any fun blog posts about merch drops, or artist singles, still go support! I promise I am being just as goofy over there as I am here. I mean, today I literally took to my work’s twitter to question Elon Musk’s baby’s name. Who can say they get to do that for their job?? ME. 

Right now, with the world being so crazy, I am trying to put as much passion as I can into this and that. I know, this kind of sounds like an apology video on Youtube, or me trying to say I want a break. Which, definitely is not the case. I just wanted to clear the air on why now there’s DOUBLE the content from me. It’s almost like you’re seeing my new twin. My professional spawn. However, I’m not really being Miss 9-5 blazer bitch over there either. I’m super lucky! 

I will admit, yes, I am exhausted mentally. I never slow down and am constantly thinking of my next move, the future, and my financials. When right now, we all know, all of that is a little fuzzy. ANXIETY. So, I try and focus on the good, on BOTH my platforms now.

So, what can you expect from me over there? Way more content. I will be pushing as many blog posts as I can. Lucky for you, they will be shorter. Also, everyone’s favorite, PLAYLISTS!! I will link below my most recent, as it will be an ever changing playlist. As well as more in the works, you’ll just have to keep up with me at twice the speed. I will obviously be updating mine often as well. Now you are the lucky ones. If you love Twitter, I’ll be cracking jokes 24/7. If you love looking at pics of cute clothes, consider it online window shopping. I’ll provide you with that as well. You now get more of me! I hope you’re ready.

Just thought I’d use this post as a way to fill you in, as I move along at rapid speed, while still staying perfectly still at the same time (in my work from home office)(aka my room). SO, until Saturday…see you pals on the socials.

Check out a funky fresh playlist I made:

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