Does anyone feel like they don’t have anything figured out right now? While at first it was a little disturbing, now it feels kind of comforting. Am I right? Now, it’s not just me wandering Earth, aimlessly, with no purpose. IT’S ALL OF US. 

Suddenly, I am reverting back to my old music choices, and I can’t tell if I love that for me, or hate it. I’ll keep you posted. 

In light of being locked away in my room like Rapunzel, I have been watching a lot of movies. This past week, I found myself stuck on Clueless. How does Cher just seem to have it so together all the time? As if. She would for SURE know how to make light of this quarantine situation, I know it.

So, it got me thinking. Maybe quarantine is the perfect time to get a clue. We are no strangers to those quotes that talk about how being lost is a great way to find yourself. You know what I’m talking about. The quotes that give major “Live, Laugh, Love” energy. Quarantine may be the perfect time to try it? Before this pandemic hit, I really felt like I had my life together. Now, I am starting to realize, I am STILL getting my shit together. Without any bars or festivals, what else am I supposed to do? Soul search apparently. 

Moral of my pointless rant, is it’s okay to be clueless. Honestly, life is way more fun that way. When you have no set plan, it leaves more room for crazy adventures. Something I personally am lacking lately.

Since I can’t be dancing away in the middle of the desert right now, RIP what would have been my first EDC. Where else do I want to get lost? IF YOU ARE THINKING MY SPOTIFY, YOU’RE RIGHT.

I know I’ve briefly mentioned what it’s like to fall into a Spotify hole before. However, with the app always changing, I discover new ways to dive deep every day. Some may say I’m bad at math, but then how do you explain me always tricking my algorithm? I’ll wait. Anyways, I know I’ve taught you about the “recommended” tabs at the bottom of a playlist. I hope you’re still using that wisely when you run out of tunes. There is also the old tried and true, song radios. Where you pick a song you’ve been blasting lately, and it generates other songs you would love based off of it. It’s truly genius. 

Lately, I’ve been doing none of the above. Literally just getting lost in Spotify. I’ve brought back a mix of my Indie tunes, to pair chaotically with my EDM. So, my recommended music doesn’t know what side to pick. That’s okay bb, I gotchu. 

In light of my cluelessness, I’ve stumbled upon the weirdest playlists. We all know how much I adore Mint Canada, and I genuinely cannot tell you why. However, I genuinely recommend getting out of your comfort zone and going to a different realm for your tunes. While I SHOULD make a separate post about the joys of finding new small artists, I’ll give you a little glimpse here. If you’re like me, you’ll find yourself clicking artists names, browsing their selection and heading back. HOWEVER, if you’re feeling crazy, you can just keep clicking artists that are similar to the artist you clicked. Suddenly, you’ve been on Spotify for 3 hours, and you don’t even know where home base is. It’s a point of no return if you will. A really fun and safe way to lose yourself. If you’re feeling clueless like me.

So, if you really want to get a clue and movies just aren’t your thing, TURN TO MUSIC. Even if it’s Apple Music, I won’t judge…

Stay tuned for more comedy in the coming weeks, while becoming quarantine clueless, I’ve still managed to be wild.

Until next time you clueless little bb’s!

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