First of all, let me start by saying, I wrote the first line of this on January 25. Which, had to be deleted, because times and titles change things. LIFE COMES AT YA QUICK. Apparently. 

Today I was feeling inspired. Or, as I said out loud to myself five minutes ago, “expired.” My brain hasn’t been working properly lately, and the past three days I have been blaming it on my new discovery. Apparently, I’m super iron deficient. Which would explain why I quite literally feel EXPIRED on a daily basis, the minute I wake up. 

So, it’s Valentine’s day. For me, that literally means napping all day and eating whatever shit food my body wants to process. Today was a Lunchable. However, I realized, I really have not updated a single soul on my big life change. DON’T WORRY, IT COMES WITH A PLAYLIST. If you are coming from Instagram, you will have already known what I have been up to the last month. I guess it really took me a second to process what was actually going on. Again, life comes at you quickly. Especially my crazy life. I MOVED. AGAIN!! I know, it feels like just yesterday that I wrote about fleeing my parents’ coop. I’m actually fairly certain that was the premise of the last blog. However, given really strange circumstances, it had to be done again. Let’s just say, it was probably for the best. 

You might be wondering where I went. SHE’S AN LA GIRL NOW. I came all this way in hopes of one day being a successful vlogger living in the Hollywood Hills. Just kidding. Maybe.

If you know me, you’ll know I’ve wanted to live in Los Angeles for a long time. It crossed my mind in high school, but upon returning from Arizona after college, it was really all I thought about. Don’t get me wrong, living by the beach is wonderful. I loved it. However, nothing was really inspiring me. Being in a creative field, I feel like I am always looking for some sort of stimulation. Whether that’s from music, or being surrounded by like-minded individuals. With COVID ripping away any and all forms of live concerts, that was already out the window. As for the like-minded individuals, those were starting to fade too. I love my friends so much, but we’re all on such different paths, it was hard to really push each other, when we were all kind of lost. TRUST ME, I AM STILL LOST. I think I have a quarter-life crisis moment once a day. 

So, while I wasn’t entirely ready to start this chapter, HERE I AM. Besides the iron deficiency, I can definitely say I feel more awake. All my problems I make up in my head, seem really small in the grand scheme of things. The other day I drove to Mulholland drive, just to stand on a mountain and remember I am nothing. While that sounds morbid, it really helps tone down the overthinking and dramatics. For being astrologically moody by the galaxy’s placement, it was much needed. I also feel the need to work harder out here. If I’m not doing it, someone else will. I’m competitive, so there’s no way in hell I’d let someone beat me out of my dreams. Which, I really am not even sure what my dreams are anymore. THANKS COVID. Or, thanks to my quarter-life crisis. I am constantly putting the blame on either. 

With any uncertainty, I have to go and make a playlist. I’m so quirky and silly. I’m not like other girls. Pick me, choose me, love me. Literally, like okay?? Make your playlist and go sis. 


While I already blasted it on Instagram, I’m putting it here too. I titled it, “Another LA Blonde.” Just to entirely humble myself. Or let the city know, another bad bitch is on the way. For any of my friends who are going to comment, YES, OCEAN DRIVE IS ON THERE. So is The Weeknd. It is literally a playlist encapsulating me, c’mon now. Also pause, can we talk about that Superbowl performance?? I mean…it was so good. My only complaint is that it was too short. However, every person above the age of 35 just felt the need to text me and tell me how much they hated it. Which did not end well for anyone. Cue drunk me defending a man I’ve never met. Nothing new there. Not to mention, during the show. My phone was blowing up. I forget how much my dumbass makes an impact on my friends’ lives. I love it. I can’t wait to hear what everyone will be texting me in March 2022. Since I have to wait a whole other year. GREAT.

Anyways, this playlist is everything you love about me in song form. It’s a little mellow, it’s a little crazy, it’s a little dramatic. It’s literally Coachella. Since that’s my brand now, crying over Coachella. While I once was crying over men, I am now crying over cancelled performances. What a glow up. 

Want another glow up? I’m done making open-ended promises. Last blog post I said you would see me soon. Now, I won’t even give you that. I have no idea when you’ll hear from me again, because I literally have no idea what’s even going on in my life. This isn’t therapy, so nobody wants to hear me vent about scenarios I’ve created in my head. Nobody wants to hear about my anger when they don’t come to fruition. It’s okay. There are also no music festivals, so all my content is pretty much out the window. WE WILL PREVAIL. I’ll have to think of something. The Weeknd is coming out with a documentary about the Superbowl performance. What we did to deserve that, I’ll never know. Maybe I’ll write a review on it, maybe not. Since we all know I am biased. We’ll think of something. I would ask for suggestions, but am I willing to let someone else take the wheel for me? Unknown.

I’ll keep you posted on where the LA inspiration takes me, or the rabbit hole it leads me down. For now, you can absolutely bop to my playlist I made. You can even tell me how good it is, I’ll wait. 

See you stupid bitches later! (Me to me)



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