The Purge Preparation

For those of you who are naive and oblivious….THE PURGE IS COMING. I can’t tell you when, but my senses have been tingling for months now, telling me it is soon. Although, when you turn on the news it kind of feels like we are already in the midst of it. When I used to think about the purge, I always thought about what stores I would rob in order to get my fashion game to a new level. Now, especially today, I am thinking of all the trash men who have somehow climbed their way on to my list. Listen FBI, before you come for me, I am not explicitly stating that I am going to be the one to take them out, okay? I know I am not alone out there. We all have someone who has hurt us in ways not even our friends and family can imagine. Whether it is a guy/girl, a friend, or just a stranger. So sometimes, it is good for your mental health to decide who to get rid of when the purge decides to come.

The reason I am writing this isn’t to solely get you fired up about robbing banks and murder (although that is a plus, right?). This post is about the music that you will need to get you through that crazy 24 hours. While we wait for the purge though, it is also nice to have a playlist that makes you feel like an absolute badass. I originally came up with this idea at the end of 2017, when I was going through a really difficult time in my life. It didn’t even have anything to do with the purge. The playlist was called: Boy Bye. Eventually, I realized that this playlist made me feel so powerful that I didn’t want it to only apply to bad times with men, or when I was feeling down. I wanted it to be for my most badass times, to hype me up when I am already on an adrenaline buzz. So, I changed the name to: The Purge. Super simple, yet so effective. I mean C’MON, you’re never going to be more badass than when you’re slaying boys and robbing Urban Outfitters.

So my advice to you, make a playlist that you would feel amazing listening to when the purge comes around. Whether you’re getting revenge, or robbing Sephora. I want your playlist to make you feel that adrenaline every day of your life. The playlist you can turn to when you need an extra push, when you need to remember you the hell you are, and the playlist to adjust to any mood you may be feeling. Now, unlike the summer playlist, you ARE allowed to have some sad songs. I have a couple in mine, and I don’t even like sad music! However, sometimes in the midst of our badass moments, the songs with an awesome beat and sadder lyrics, are the ones to hype us up more. Especially when the purge happens. Who are you going to be thinking of when that breakup beat hits?

As always, I am going to link my purge playlist down below. Feel free to let me know any songs you have that you think I would feel badass listening to. Also, go ahead and use it as a stepping stone for your own playlist. Steal some ideas or songs from mine and run with it. It’s 2018, the year of our best selves. So, keep that in mind when you’re making your playlist, and I hope to see you thriving when the purge comes (LOL). Also, if anyone thought the OG killer in the first Purge movie was hot, please hit me up I feel so alone in thinking that.

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